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Venus Fly Trap - VTF (Dionaea Muscipula)   

Venus Fly Trap is such an effective dietary supplement for the immune system. As you know, this plant is expert at trapping its own meal through a sensitive biological response process. When a fly or other small insect touches the delicate hairs of the plant's mouth, it causes the mouth to cose quickly, trapping the insect inside the plant, "Dr. Helmut Keller" explains. "Juicy liquids inside the plant's mouth are capable of digesting animal and vegetable materials. interestingly, they do not digest the plant itself. From this observation, it has been concluded that the Venus flytrap must posses an advanced type of immune system capable of distinguishing between harmful intruder organisms and its own materials.

In fact, the plant digests only the "primitive", undeveloped, undifferentiated cells of its prey. These "primitive" cells are the same kind of cells that intrude into the human body as harmful bacteria, fungi, or which are over produced due to stress, exposure to pollutants or poor dietary habits, and which the body's immune system is programmed to attack. Supplementing the diet with components of the Venus Flytrap juice supports the human immune system by fortifying the body's own defense mechanisms.
Venus-flytrap extract is used in the treatment of chronic diseases, including most forms of cancer, ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, all types of herpes infections, chronic arthritis, and almost any immune deficiency state, including Aids. In cases of cancer, Venus-flytrap works therapeutically to shrink solid tumors, according to its proponents.

VFT is the processed and purified juice taken from the Venus-flytrap plant. The digestive juice of this plant is a phytonutient that attacks and destroys every variety of cellular malignancy and is especially effective o primitive cancer tumor tissues as opposed to highly differentiated ones.

Our VFT herbal extract is made from freshly grown Dionacea Mucsipula plants in a base of organic cane alcohol. This extract is concentrated and pure with no added water or glycerin.

Suggest dosage: 50 drops in pure water or cold herbal tea 3 to 5 times a day.