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Herbal Synergy is Formulated to Fortify, Balance and Restore the body to its optimal levels. We only use the highest quality Organic ingredients in our 22 Superfoods and Herbs blend. A unique blend of 12 Adaptogenic Herbs makes up 55% or 4.5 grams per serving along with Superfoods, Medicinal mushrooms, Greens and Sea Vegetables . If you are stressed out, exhausted or just looking to fortify your body – you need this! 

Known Benefits

  • Supports Adrenal Function
  • Supports Positive Mood
  • Boosts Brain Function
  • Boosts Healthy Energy
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • 3 Grams of Fibre per Serving

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement Simply add 1 Tbsp with a smoothie, protein shake, or any other liquid and feel better throughout your entire day. – Or as directed by your healthcare professional.


All ingredients in Herbal Synergy are organic, non-GMO and raw with the exception of Fo Ti (Fallopia Multiflora). Although we cannot guarantee individual results, Herbal Synergy is worth a try when other approaches have failed. Energize Organics only uses real organic ingredients straight from earth itself. No added sugars, fillers, or sweeteners, just the purest of ingredients leaving you feeling great.

Cacao   Yes  
Maca Yes Yes  
Chaga Mushroom Yes Yes  
Chlorella   Yes Yes
Spirulina   Yes Yes
Goji Berries Yes Yes  
Mucuna Pruriens Yes Yes  
Ashwagandha Yes Yes  
Astragalus Membranaceus Yes Yes  
Alfalfa   Yes Yes
Beet Root   Yes  
Fo-Ti Yes Yes  
Gotu Kola Yes Yes Yes
Cordyceps Mushroom Yes Yes  
Gymnema Sylvestre   Yes Yes
Hawthorn Berry   Yes  
Licorice Root Yes Yes  
Rhodiola Rosea Yes Yes  
Schisandra Berry Yes    
Bladderwrack   Yes  
Irish Moss     Yes
Sea Kelp   Yes Yes